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March 29, 2019

Rapid Prototype

Eliminate Hard Tooling Costs with Rapid Prototype Castings

Rapid prototype castings help identify opportunities for design optimization before the manufacturing process begins -- effectively shortening lead times and improving production capabilities. Advancements in concurrent engineering and investment casting technology permit Precision Castings of Tennessee to quickly design and fabricate rapid prototype castings without the expense of permanent tooling.

By taking advantage of rapid prototying castings, expensive design changes are virtually eliminated, allowing you to quickly bring your product to market. Once we verify design functionality through rapid prototype castings, cost-effective hard tooling can be fabricated. We are also one of the few investment casting foundries that specialize in rapid prototyping tooling.

Advantages of Thermojet for Rapid Prototype Castings

Our Thermojet rapid prototype casting options are useful for creating conceptual parts for presentations, or to test structural integrity before high volume production. As a tool for rapid prototype castings, Thermojet is comparable to stereolithography in speed, repeatability, and dimensional accuracy.

Other advantages of Thermojet Rapid Prototype Castings & services include:

  • Quickly design and produce simple to complex parts, without hard tooling
  • Faster than other fabrication methods
  • Verification of shrink rates throughout cross-sectional thicknesses
  • Gating design testing
  • Prototyping for short production runs
  • Improving dimensional accuracy and structural integrity
  • Condense multiple-part assemblies into stronger, single part solutions