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March 29, 2019

Mining & IND. Metalworking


With extensive experience overcoming extremely corrosive, high temperature environments, PCT thrives in mining and industrial metalworking industries. We can engineer improved design geometry that resists wear caused by hot steel slabs or abrasive mining material.

Investment casting is the preferred method for economically manufacturing complex expendable and non-expendable mining and industrial metalworking Netshape parts. Unlike other manufacturing methods, the investment casting gating

system easily compensates for shrinkage and dross accumulation.

Why Investment Castings Work for Mining and Metalworking

‚ÄčOur subsequent operation capabilities provide increased resistance to heat and corrosion required by the industrial metalworking industry. These mechanical properties are especially useful when fabricating metalworking furnace rolls or hot slab conveyor rolls. Flexible design techniques, such as combining multiple alloys, allows for additional metalworking temperature resistance.

The investment casting pouring method completely fills the mold during solidification, eliminating voids and surface pitting which lead to increased wear rates. In addition, the investment casting process provides uniform internal stresses and high tensile strength, reducing metal fatigue commonly found in iron ore, lime, and cement mining equipment.

Our casting conversion process adapts multiple part assemblies that previously required welding or mechanical fastening into stronger, single investment castings. Difficult or impossible to fabricate parts or fabrications requiring highly complex internal geometries can easily be converted to investment castings.