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March 30, 2019

Casting Advantages

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, provides the ultimate in design flexibility when producing close tolerance, highly complex parts from ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. The simplicity of the investment casting manufacturing process allows for high production rates and consistent dimensional accuracy.

Reduced Machining

Secondary machining operations are one of the most costly components of manufacturing. Converting to investment casting reduces or eliminates machining, as parts can be cast as-is with near-net shape, intricate geometries. Multiple parts that required significant machining to create a single assembly can be cast into stronger, more cost effective investment castings.

A Designer's Dream

Unlike other manufacturing methods, investment casting allows easy conversion to any alloy type without the need for additional tooling. In addition, very little waste is produced when pouring, making investment casting the most cost effective option when working with expensive alloys.

  • Compatible with any alloy castable at atmospheric conditions
  • Ribs or bosses can also be added for structural integrity
  • Investment casting tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch
  • Highly complex dimensional geometry
  • Weight reducing thin wall capabilities
  • Few chips and shavings
  • Smaller diameter holes than forging, sand casting, and die casting
  • Consistent internal stresses for high dimensional stability
  • Effortlessly change desired alloy
  • Reduce or eliminate draft angles