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March 29, 2019

Plating & Painting

Maximizing the life of your investment.
There's nothing sexier than an as-cast surface finish, but sometimes the application calls for additional corrosion resistance or aesthetic value. By coordinating with local vendors, PCT can provide cleaning, plating, and painting services for any type of investment casting.

Our casting plating & painting capabilities include anodizing, alodining, zinc dichromate, passivating, and primer painting, just to name a few. Investment castings, especially aluminum, are very receptive to plating and painting process, and can undergo any surface finishing procedure without significantly affecting turnaround time.


The casting process already provides a natural layer of protective surface oxide. By anodizing, PCT can increase that layer and provide additional wear and corrosion resistance. Dyes or transparent paint coatings can then be applied to the oxide layer in virtually any color.


A favorite of the aerospace industry, alodining provides an electrically conductive layer of chromate that is both corrosion and scratch resistant. Alodining does not add weight, and is an excellent substitute for primer.

Zinc Dichromate

Zinc dichromate plating commits the noble act of sacrificing itself for the good of the casting. Zinc dichromate casting plating is designed to corrode so that the part remains intact. This economical plating method is commonly used in automotive fasteners such as nuts and bolts.


Passivating creates a monomolecular oxide film which causes the surface of the investment casting to become more resistant to chemical reactions and corrosion. Passivating plating is used throughout industries susceptible to contamination such as food handling and water treatment.