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March 10, 2019

Design & Engineering

From Howitzer gear worm wheels to home tie-down systems, PCT consistently sets new standards in casting product design & engineering. Our award-winning investment castings include everything from conversions & redesigns to newly engineered castings.

Unlike other metal manufacturing methods, investment casting offers nearly endless design potential. Our Netshape investment castings can be cast in any alloy, thus providing the full spectrum of mechanical properties. Our secondary machining capabilities can achieve any surface finish, including aerospace and military standards.

Investment Casting Design Process

Every project begins and ends with our project sheet, also known as the work construction. Here we make a full assessment of your design intention, taking factors such as part function, weight, structural integrity, internal dimensions, and part complexity into consideration.

For existing metal product designs, such as parts fabricated from other metal working methods, we find potential areas of improvement. Typical investment casting design improvements include:

  • consolidation of multiple parts into single castings
  • weight reduction opportunities
  • elimination of secondary machining
  • reduced tooling costs
  • expanded part functionality
  • elimination of residual stresses
  • maximum metal service life

Tooling, 3D modeling, and wax molds are then fabricated based on the process sheet specifications. All special design requirements and/or process requirements are annotated on the process sheet and reviewed with clients before casting begins.

PCT adheres to a strict process control process to ensure that each product cast is the exact product ordered. Visit our process control page for more information on dip room, dewaxing, pouring, finishing, heat treating, and non-destructive testing quality assurance.