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March 30, 2019

Woodworking Metal

The Affordable Stainless Steel Solution

‚ÄčPrecision Castings of Tennessee specializes in reverse engineering obsolete or expensive woodworking tools and machinery components into upgraded investment castings. We can mass produce parts that have a high tendency to wear, supplying you with an on-hand inventory of spare parts with improved wear properties over OEMs.

Our tool steel grade alloys, such as H-13, can achieve the razor-sharp edges and high impact toughness required for woodworking and wood chipping equipment. From woodworking jigs to hardwood floor installation machinery, Precision Castings of Tennessee can discuss opportunities for design improvements.

Woodworking assemblies that previously required welding or mechanical fasteners can be cast into stronger, lighter investment castings.

To ensure the quality of redesigned woodworking machinery parts, we conduct extensive penetrant examinations, radiographic inspections, and metallurgical testing.